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Interview with Eden Sassoon

Daughter of the legendary icon, Vidal Sassoon and Salon Owner

As a member of such an iconic hairdressing family, what prompted you to join the industry yourself?

If I’m honest, My dad’s death and him asking me what’s next. Realizing that I have a voice and as his daughter and deciding where will it have the greatest impact. My heart knew it was hair but not in the way everyone assumed. I don’t do hair. But I grew up watching my Mom and Dad navigate and re-define this industry.  I am who I am because of they were.  They very much led by example …. He was healthy, disciplined and a fanatic…  An inspiring thought provoking, intelligent giving human being. My mother was support the system for my father while he built his empire…not an easy job. And realizing the impact he has made on the industry I chose to honor the path he paved for all future hairdressers and make sure his legacy was heard through me.

My father shook me AWAKE so I could shine my light ….. I want to WAKE UP this younger generation of hairdressers and do for them what he did for me…. Bring pieces of him to many people who never got a chance to meet him through me. Most of it will have nothing to do with hair…

How do you put your individual stamp on the Sassoon image?

My dad’s image has been built. I am truly just being myself and being real about my story and the struggles I have gone through…. but then I pose these questions to others… Who are you?? And are you living up to the best version of yourself?  And is that good enough? One has to contemplate these moral judgements.

Describe your salon environment in one sentence:

Growing up in salons I wanted to create a feeling of a sense of home and family where we could nurture our stylists creativity while providing a safe, loving and lighthearted environment …  I have a very youthful salon where we try to find the balance of freedom and disciplined.

What is your favorite thing about working in the hair industry?

I am not working, I am living… I get to be me in an industry I was raised in and it’s a gift. I love sharing stories with people who knew my Dad and making connections on very deep levels. To be a part of a name that has so much love, respect and honor behind it makes me grateful and I do not take that for granted or the people who give so much to this industry. And now with Beauty Gives Back I get to unite this industry around education and helping to solve the global water crisis….. It’s important we remember it is about more than just standing behind a chair. It’s a human experience.

As a salon owner, why do you believe organisations such as the AHC are crucial for industry development?

The AHC is crucial to the future of young professionals and this industry.  It is essential that there be a resource to motivate and educate these young hairdressers. You can’t know where you are going if you don’t know where you came from.