The Australian Hairdressing Council!

Join the AHC, representing the new future for hairdressing across Australia.

The Australian Hairdressing Council sets standards for salons and represents the professional hairdressing industry nationally. Its members are accredited salons, product companies and associated industry members who have united to ensure that operational standard are high; career interest and recruitment improves; and the Federal Government recognises and responds to unique industry issues.

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Step one

The Australian Hairdressing Council provides a range of memberships for Individual Salons, Multi-Salon Groups and Franchises. All our membership types can be found at

The most common membership type is our Salon Select plan for individual Salons. This plan offers two different type fo payment options, either on a Monthly Plan (12 month contract) or an Annual Payment. 

Once you have selected your Payment Plan, you will be taken to the next step; creating your account.

Step two

Creating your account is extremely easy, just ensure that you fill in all the prompts on the screen and tick the reCaptcha box at the bottom of the screen before you click on Submit.

Once your acount is created, the site will take you back to selecting your plan again, as our system requires and account before payments can be made.

Once your plan has been selected, ensure that you have the correct information entered, check the billing address is correct, and then you can enter your credit card details. Currently we accept Visa, Mastercard and AMEX.

Then all you need to do is confirm your order.

Step three

You are now a member of the largest Hairdressing Assocaition in Australia. Welcome to the AHC

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